Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 18 & 19

Sorry no pictures!
I guess I got pictured out or something. Really my mom and Riley were here for the weekend and so I was entertained!
They go to my house on Friday and night and stayed until Sunday night. We had a wheelchair adventure going to Walmart! Riley pushed me around the store as we got school supplies, baby stuff, and more. It was great to get out of the house, but it wore me out quick. I am pretty sure I will be a Lacie marshmallow at the end of this adventure. :)
It is always fun to hang out with Riley. He is growing up so much and he reminds me of Tyler so so much. He is even starting to sound like Tyler. He would say things and I would have to look at him a few times to make sure Tyler wasn't at my house. He made me laugh so much and he was such a good brother. He was always concerned if I got up or anything telling me "I can do it, I can get it, what do you need?" I sure do love him!
My mom was amazing. In the world we live in right now I hear more and more stories of my friends crazy parents and I feel so bad... Don't get me wrong my mom is Crazy any of you who know her know that, but she is the best. She is so giving and loving to everyone. She came to my house and did my laundry, cleaned out my fridge and freezer, cleaned my kitchen, cooked for us and did the dishes the whole weekend. To here it seemed like nothing, but to Tayce and I it was amazing. It made me feel good that I had a mom that would help out my husband and me. She's a great mom and both Tayce and I are blessed to have her.
Overall I had a great weekend and Monday was hard to wake up too because they were gone. But, after my first melt down in 20 days I made it through and today is Tuesday! There is always sunshine if you know where to look.
Thank you all for caring and praying and being great friends. Good luck with school Riley and Mom and thanks again for all you did for us!

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