Friday, August 5, 2011

Little Update

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading the blog. I will try and make it more interesting.
I think the kidney stone has passed and I am pretty positive it was so tiny that it passed much easier then it could have. It must have been the prayers. So, I am feeling a lot better, just the over hydration kinda made me a little sick the last day or so.
My dreams are out of this world crazy with doctors pulling my child out of the womb, doctors doing crazy test and experiments on my child, my mom feeding my baby formula, Tiffany playing pink guitars at the movie theater and all kinds of craziness. You moms weren't kidding when you tell me pregnancy dreams are crazy. I guess 3rd times the charm on craziness.
This week a good friend has reminded me of my sweet Alice. With everything going on with this sweet baby inside me I forgot about all the emotions I have been suppressing for Alice. I can't believe just around the corner is her birthday. Time goes by so fast. I belong to a group of amazing woman who have lost babies (HALO) and last night two ladies came and visited me. I hope they know how much it means to me that they talked with me and looked at pictures of Alice and told me how beautiful she is. It made my day that she still matters too. Sometimes in the middle of so much emotion those little ones that I remember everyday seem to be forgotten by others, but I have such amazing friends that remember Graydin and Alice and that means so very much to me. Thank you ladies for last night, thank you to my bestest friends who help me each day! Love you all. Have a great weekend.

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