Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doctor Appointment Update

Tuesday was another doctor appointment and we were very excited to go because it was not for an emergency!
First of all they weighed me of course and I closed my eyes asking the nurse to please not tell me. I stepped off and she smiled at me and said "you lost 2 1/2 pounds." I pretty much did a little dance because I have been laying on my couch! It was sweet.
Then we had had an ultra sound to check my cerclage and cervix. The doctor showed us what was going and on. There was not very much change at all from the first 'scary' appointment. The cerclage is still there and all together 1 cm of my cervix is still closed. Over all he said I am only dilated 1 cm (the part that is opening). My bag of water is trying to get out, but that's what happens when you body is like "hey I'm gonna open up!" The good news is that the baby is still high in to amniotic fluid.
I got to go home and don't have to go in for another 2 weeks, which is a good sign. So, Tayce and I are praying for another quiet 2 weeks so we can go to our next appointment on the 23rd. I have an occasional melt down, but in reality I feel confident and hopeful, this is probably because of an amazing husband and wonderful friends like you!
Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts and for being great. Have a great day.

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